7th Step: The Three-State-Solution

In previous workshops, women have conceptualised several “out of the box solutions to build a sustainable future in harmony with neighbours. Among the ideas was the concept of  a three-state solution, a kind of feminine possibility of how parts of the region might look like in the future, while at the same time dealing with traumatic events of the past.

The story behind a three-state solution

Important Jewish and Palestinian political philosophers such as Theodor Herzl and Suri Nusseibeh have already developed social concepts of how to promote harmony between the material, cognitive, social, ecological and spiritual needs of people. 

In his vision of a Jewish home in Palestine, Herzl brilliantly worked out that the dichotomy was not between Jews and Arabs, but between the social and dissocial characters of a collective. The greatest threat that the good-natured, moral, responsible people can experience is the aggression, vulgarity and use of violence by the emotional proletariat. 

Even Theodor Herzl warned against the “geysers”, those despicable characters who destroy the foundations of a functioning, democratic, cooperative society with cold-bloodedness and greed. And he did not mean the Arabs. 

At the beginning of the last century, however, it was clear to the political Arab elite that only with the military support of the British and later the financial means of the Jewish immigrants could the region break away from the Ottoman Empire and enable the “Western world” to join the economy. Already in the Faisal Weizmann Agreement the advantages of the synergy between the resident and the immigrant population were seen. Theoretically, because the initially few extremists on both sides provoked and used violence against each other. Both sides regarded the country as “their country” that they were not prepared to share.

How far-sighted Theodor Herzl was in the danger of being undermined by fundamentalists was proven on November 4, 1995, when a militarily trained religious extremist assassinated the incumbent prime minister of Israel. 

Our step 7

Step 7 of the Canaan Project offers a platform for those who want to reaffirm the dream of justice, non-violence and the preservation of nature for the benefit of future generations. Whether Jew, Christian, Muslim, Druse or atheist, what unites them is humanity. 

After the surveys and round tables, we will devote all our energy to fund raising for a Peace Center in Jerusalem, where women will be professionally involved in developing a peace strategy.

From this institution, teams will be formed to deal with the causes of conflict (language, narratives, media, education, party behaviour, access to resources, etc.) and more importantly – will be invited to visualize a different future.

Instead of the crisis, see the chance

Israel and Palestine do not yet have fixed borders, no closed structures yet. There is every possibility to design and implement an alternative. In concrete terms, a project group will work on the conceptualisation of a “three-state solution”.

In purely physical terms, this means to separate a part of Israel and Palestine and to shape an extraterritorial area as waterway between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea and creating on the shores a Homeland of humanity/ connecting the West Bank with Gaza and north-south Israel.

Just as Silicon Valley has become the epitome of artificial intelligence, Canaan can be the epitome of social/human intelligence.

To the right and left of this waterway, an autonomous area under binational (womens) administration will be created, in which the connection between humans, nature and the economy is practiced. Next to the waterway, villages will be built, representing the millennial old history of the region from the Bronze Age to the present. This will convert this area into a natural museum, a centre of attraction for soft tourism of renewable energies in times of peace, ecological agriculture, regional hospitality, traditional crafts but also research in future-oriented faculties and, of course, a Ministry of Peace. In this “third” state, all sustainable developments could be implemented to encourage spiritual, empathic, social people to share and develop.


If you have direct contact to high level politicians who should be contacted, please let us know.

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