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If anyone is to decide on the future of Israelis and Palestinians, then it should be Israelis and Palestinians
If anyone is to decide on the life of future generations, then it should be those who care for life

The Canaan Project

addresses all democratic governments of the member states of the United Nations
to host or support a Peace Conference Israel – Palestine under implementation of
UNSCR 1325.

demands the right of women to be involved in all phases of peace processes.

supports Palestinian and Israeli women to develop a sustainable future strategy.

Women to the Peace Table!

7 steps towards a 1325 Peace Accord

UNSCR 1325 - Learn About Women's Rights
Letters to 100 Governments
Online Survey
Palestine - Israel Journal on 1325
Round Tables
1325 Peace Conference
A three State Solution

The Project in 4 minutes

Join us, support the 1325-Peace-Accord